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Topless Crane

  • The topless crane is similar to the hammerhead crane except its feature of removing the top kit, which decreases the
    height of crane. The topless crane has advantages of being easily installed and dismantled, and is highly space-efficient due to less interference with nearby tower cranes, making it more attractive for its use in relatively limited spaces and
    altitude restricted areas near the airports.

Popular Models and Jobsites

MCT385L14(14t) : Like the hammerhead crane, hoist, trolley and slewing system for this model are all inverter-controlled. This model is the best choice for high-rise buildings, as it has 61.9m free-standing height and maximum load up to 14 tons (3.2t tip load) with 75 meters jib.
MCT205 (10t) : MCT205 (10t) is also well recognized in the market.
Photo Model Jib Length H.U.H Max Load Tip Load Data
MCT85F2.5 52m 35.2m 2.5t 1.15t
MCT85F5 52m 35.2m 5t 1.1t
MCT205 65m 39.2m / 65.3m 10t 1.75t
MCT385L14 75m 63.7m 14t 3.2t
MCT385 75m 63.3m 20t 2.7t


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