Tower Crane Rental Business

We have provided tower crane rentals and A/S services since 1996, supplying its own tower cranes for rent to construction companies and contractors. Our main models are hammerhead crane: MC310K12 (12t) and luffing crane: MCR225A (14t). All other types of used tower cranes and larger tower cranes are also available for rent upon requests. We trade with used tower cranes of all other brands as well.

  • Storage yard procured in Ansung-si

  • Storage yard procured in Ansung-si

  • Storage yard procured in Ansung-si

List of Rental Fleets

Model Jib Length H.U.H Max. Load Tip Load Total Job Site / Use
MC310K12 72.7m 57.5m 12t 3.2t 15 High rise buildings, all other buildings, bridges, etc.
MCR225A 55m 41.4m 14t 2.15t 14 High rise commerce buildings in the inner city
MCT385 75m 61.9m 14t 3.2t 1 High rise commerce buildings
MR608A 60m 62.3m 32t 9t 1 Large buildings, shipbuilding yards, etc.
MC125(manless) 60m 44m 2.9t 1.15t 6 Self-erecting crane
MCT85(manless) 50m 40.1m 2.5t 1.4t 6 Self-erecting crane
MD1100 80m 98.9m 40t 10t 1 Various industrial job sites including power plants, R&D centers, etc.
Total 44

Note : The above figures are flexible according to market condition.


PIC Title/Scope Phone E-mail
JY Choi General Manager +82(10)-3741-7300
SK Yoo Manager/Tower Crane Sales +82(10)-6575-9558