About us

CEO Message

Korea International, Ltd. (KIL),
A company specializing in the construction equipment sales, services, and rentals, was founded in 1973, by the Chairman
UG Kim with the name of "Koryo Mulsang, Ltd." which was translated into English as "Korea International, Ltd." (KIL). Later, KIL was registered in 1990.

Over the last 45 years, KIL has been supplying more than 2,500 new foreign construction machinery manufactured by prestigious global companies, such as Clark, Volvo, Potain, etc., into domestic construction jobsites, shipyards, power plants, and other various industrial sites. KIL expended its business by establishing "Giga Industries, Ltd." (GIGA) in 1995 to serve customers from its stock yards for the prompt delivery and service.

We are convinced that the driving force behind our accomplishment for the last more than four decades was not only to stably supply high performance equipment, but also to provide customized technical services to our customers.

We believe the only way to obtain customer satisfaction is to provide quality products and services at reasonable prices. We, KIL/GIGA, really dealt only with the world best equipment. In this respect, we are proud of our role to supplying the quality construction equipment to the domestic construction industry from its early stage.

KIL / GIGA are actively with our customers to create more values for their businesses. We are committed to do our best to working for the mutual growth and development, hoping to build trusted business relationship with them. We will be delighted to meet your needs at any way we can. Thank you.