About us

Business Overview

Potain Tower Crane

We are the leading distributor of imported tower cranes in Korea. With the exclusive distributorship of Potain, we have supplied more than 1,000 Potain tower cranes since 1975, which makes us the best player in domestic imported tower crane market. Potain is well known as the world leader in tower crane production, which has so far sold more than 100,000 cranes around the world. Now, Potain is part of Manitowoc Crane Group (MCG), the world’s largest crane manufacturer acquiring Potain and also Grove in 2001. For more information, visit MCG website.

As a Manitowoc Crane CARE Elite Dealer, we can provide customers with full range of Potain tower cranes, including more than 60 models with variety of product ranges from the smallest self-erecting cranes (1.0t to 7.98t) to higher and bigger top slewing cranes (7.98t to 64t). These are also the largest custom-designed special application cranes (up to 160t). Our experienced sales experts and A/S technicians are committed to providing customers worldwide the first class tower cranes for sale and rent, as well as spare parts.

Bridgestone OTR Tires

We are the exclusive distributor of Bridgestone’s Off-The-Road (OTR) Tires, having no. 1 market share in Korea. Also, Bridgestone’s OTR Tires have 40% of global market share in OTR Tires (RIM 15 to 63 inch); 60% of global market share in Giant Size OTR Tires (RIM over 51 inch). Since 1988, we have supplied Bridgestone OTR Tires to steel works and mining companies, as well as heavy machinery manufacturers at home and abroad. For more information, Visit: Bridgestone website.

Service Beyond Expectations

In line with our efforts to exceed the customer’s expectations, we strive to commit ourselves in providing our customers with “more reliable A/S service and diverse financing service options.” In fact, the customer may have more financial options to choose from when considering the purchase of Potain tower cranes since we are providing our customers with financing arrangements with domestic and foreign financial institutions/companies.