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Hammerhead Crane

  • As the most typical T-type crane, the hammerhead crane is the most stable tower crane as it has balanced structure
    holding tie bars to support horizontal front jib and counterweight jib on the protruded head in the middle of the crane. This ower crane is also the most popular one in the Korean market. Various models are available from 12t to 80t.
    In order to reflect our customers’ demand, we are putting continuous efforts for increasing free standing height of the
    tower cranes. It is our commitment to pursue the constant product enhancement for upgrading our tower cranes’
    performance, which will enable us to lead the market in the end.

Popular Models and Jobsites

MC310K12 (12t) : This model is used in various industrial jobsites including factories and apartment complex, etc. The main parts of the tower crane are hoist, trolley and slewing system and all these parts are inverter-control types. By installing slip-ring on this model, no cable twist occurs from rotation of crane upper part.
MD1100 (40t/50t) : This large size model has been utilizing in various industrial jobsites, such as Dangin-ri power plant, LG Electronic’s LCD plants, and semiconductor fabrication plants of Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, etc.
Photo Model Jib Length H.U.H Max Load Tip Load Data
MC235C 65m 4.7m 10t 2.2t
MC310K12 70m 62.6m 12t 3.2t
MC310K16 70m 61.9m 16t 2.7t
MC465 80m 50.4m 25t 3t
MC475 80m 52.83m 25t 3t
MD1100 80m 98.9m / 97.5m 40t / 50t 10t / 9.5t
MD1600 80m 94.2m 40t / 64t 19.2t / 17.4t
MD2200 80m 72.1m / 101m 40t / 64t 21.5t / 23.5t


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SK YOO Manager/Tower Crane Sales +82(10)-6575-9558 skyoo@korea-intl.com
WS Choi Managing Director/Self-Erecting Crane Sales +82(10)-3625-8036 wschoi@korea-intl.com