Tower Crane Business Overview

AS THE EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR OF MANITOWOC CRANE GROUP for Potain Tower Crane, we are supplying Potain Tower Cranes for sale and rental into the Korea market. Our tower crane business started in 1973 as a pioneer in the tower crane field in Korea, which was accelerated by entering into the Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with Potain, France, in 1975. Potain became a member of the world’s no. 1 crane manufacturer, Manitowoc Crane Group in 2001. For the last 44 years, we have supplied approximately 1,000 Potain tower cranes into the domestic construction industry, achieving the No. 1 market share in the domestic imported tower cranes market. In order to serve our customers with the total solution for one’s tower crane business, we provide the following services:

  • Potain Tower Cranes Sales & Rentals
  • Potain Tower Cranes Spare Parts sales & Rentals
  • Used Tower Cranes Sales & Rentals
  • Tower Cranes A/S and Consulting Service
  • Financing Service

Manitowoc Crane Group (MCG)

  • Founded in 1902, The Manitowoc Company, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of cranes and lifting solutions with manufacturing, distribution, and serive facilities in 20 countries. Manitowoc is recognized as one of the premier innovators and providers of crawler cranes, tower cranes, and mobile cranes for the heavy construction industry, which are complemented by a slate of industry- leading aftermarket product support services. In 2016, Manitowoc’s net sales totaled $1.6 billion, with over half generated outside the United States. As a family member of Manitowoc, Manitowoc Crane Group (MCG) has its specialties in tower crane business.

Potain Tower Crane

  • Since its foundation in 1928 in La Clayette, France, Potain has been the world’s leading tower crane manufacturer that has sold and installed more than 100,000 units. Potain’s variety of product ranges cover from the smallest self-erecting cranes (1.0t to 7.98t) to higher and bigger top slewing cranes (7.98t to 64t). There are also the largest custom- designed cranes for special applications (up to 160t). Potain tower cranes are manufactured globally in France, Italy, Portugal, India, and China, supporting not only general construction sites, but also dam construction projects, power plants, shipyards and bridge construction projects.

  • Testing yard, French

  • Testing bench, French

  • Testing machine

  • Testing yard

  • Testing yard

Potain Zhangjiagang Plant

Potain Zhangjiagang Plant in China

Asia models of Potain tower cranes are manufactured in Zhangjiagang (ZJG) plant in China, which is to build cranes specifically tailored to the local markets In Asian countries, while at the same time producing such cranes as they meet reproducing the high standards of quality and control that Potain has at its other factories around the world. All Potain ZJG tower crane are designed in France by using their advanced computer technology and know-how, complying with FEM (European Federation of Materials handling) and GB (Chinese Standard), also C.E(Communaute Europeenne) regulation for the main components and parts. In short, all of Potain crane structures are manufactured locally, but the components and parts that require the state-of-the-art technology are imported from Potain’s sister factories in France. In order to preserve the best quality of Potain tower cranes, Potain’s 4~5 staff members are dispatched from France to manage the whole manufacturing process in the ZJG plant. We can arrange the ZJG factory tour and testing yard for customers. Visiting the advanced facilities will make it easy for customers to make one’s decision.

Potain Zhangjiagang plant has the largest tower crane test yard in the world. The factory is operated and managed by engineers from France, and the quality of the tower cranes produced here is in compliance with European standards. More than 100 Korean customers have visited the factory to confirm the quality excellence of the Potain tower cranes.

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