Luffing Crane

  • Unlike T-type tower crane, the luffing crane is designed to lift its jib. The T-type tower crane, such as topless cranes, operate by moving a trolley along the fixed jib, while the luffing crane adjust the distance by lifting or lowering the entire jib without trolley moving along the jib. In places where spaces are limited, such as in urban areas, tower cranes often interfere with nearby buildings. In this case, you will need the luffing carne, which hold the short counterweight jib and can adjust the angle of the front jib.

Popular Models and Jobsites

MCR225A (14t) : This model was developed to fit for the general housing construction sites. The demand for this model is huge in the rebuilding-oriented construction market.
MCR295 H20 (20t) : As being recently introduced, this model is very competitive because it can be applied to various industrial jobsites due to its long jib length of 60m.
Photo Model Jib Length H.U.H Max Load Tip Load Data
MCR160 65m 4.7m 1.15t 1.15t
MCR225A 70m 62.6m 1.15t 1.15t
MCR295H16 70m 61.9m 1.15t 1.15t
MCR295H20 80m 50.4m 1.15t 1.15t
MCR295H25 80m 94.2m 1.15t 1.15t
MR48 80m 94.2m 1.15t 1.15t
MR608 80m 94.2m 1.15t 1.15t
MR618 80m 94.2m 1.15t 1.15t


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JJ Kim Deputy General Manager/Tower Crane Sales +82(10)-5521-1883
SK YOO Manager/Tower Crane Sales +82(10)-6575-9558
WS Choi Managing Director/Self-Erecting Crane Sales +82(10)-3625-8036