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Self Erecting Crane

  • Self-erecting crane is a bottom slewing crane that stands on outriggers, holding no counter jib but their counter-weight and ballast at the base of the mast. Once the self-erecting crane is pulled to a jobsite by a trailer, and then the fixed
    support is unfolded, it can be installed itself by a control button. While the T-type and luffing tower cranes have been
    mainly used in Korea because of their perfect match for construction of the high-rise buildings, the demand for IGO T85A and IGO T130, the flagship models of Potain self-erecting cranes, are expected to grow rapidly in the domestic market in the near future due to the diversification trend of the construction market in recent years. The self-erecting tower
    crane boasts its efficiency and simplicity since no foundation anchor is necessary and shorter time is required to install, dismantle, and transport. Thanks to all these features, the demand for self-erecting cranes is well expected to increase
    in the near future.

Popular Models and Jobsites

IGO T85A(6t) / IGO T130(8t) : These models are designed and manufactured to fit for the construction of lower building such as warehouses, factories, 5~6 story buildings, schools, etc.
Photo Model Jib Length H.U.H Max Load Tip Load Data
IGO T 70A 40m 35m 4t 1.45t
IGO T 85A 45m 38m 6t 1.4t
IGO T 130 50m 37.3m 8t 1.4t
IGO M 11
IGO M 14 22m
IGO MA 21 26m
IGO 11 18m 16m 1.3t 0.65t
IGO 13 20m 17.1m 1.8t 0.7t
IGO 15 22m 19m 1.8t 0.7t
IGO 18 24m 19.1m 1.8t 0.7t
IGO 21 26 m 19.3m 1.8t 0.7t
IGO 22 28m 20m 1.8t 0.85t
IGO 26 26m 20m 3.2t 1.1t
IGO 30 30m 21m 2.2t 0.9t
IGO 32 30m 22m 4t 1.1t
IGO 50 40m 23.2m 4t 1.1t


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